Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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AltoRotate is simply the best solution if you want to rotate pages in your PDF. I’ve tried it once for a large scanned PDF and keep using it on a regular basis since then. Strongly recommended!



I often use AltoRotate for all kinds of PDF documents and I must say you won’t find a better free service. As an everyday user of AltoRotate, I find this app extremely helpful, especially if you prefer web-based apps to downloadable ones.



Great service! Quick, simple and accurate. What I love the most is that it’s always there so I can process files whenever I want without downloading and installing anything on my phone.



One of the best online platforms for rotating pages in a PDF document I’ve seen so far! With AltoRotare, you get your files processed in the most simple and efficient way. Run it directly in your browser. No signups or downloads required!



I used AltoRotate to change the orientation of pages of a really large image-based PDF and found it extremely useful. There’s a possibility to select certain pages and rotate them both clock and counter-clockwise. Simply the best free app I know.



Thanks to AltoRotate, I managed to convert this pretty messy scanned PDF file I’ve got and put all the pages in the right position within seconds. By the way, you can easily edit the resulting PDF or share it with other users.



I had a problem with my text-based PDF (some of its pages were landscape-oriented). I uploaded it to AltoRotate, selected the pages with wrong orientation and downloaded a new PDF in a few seconds. Wasn’t expecting it to be this simple. Great app!



AltoRotate is extremely helpful if you’re looking for a fast and seamless way to rotate pages in a PDF document. I’m not an expert but I like the fact that it’s web-based and free. No ads, no banners. 5 out of 5!



Me and my colleagues use AltoRotate on a daily basis. I must say it makes our lives much easier in terms of time we save when processing PDFs online. Best choice if you’re in a hurry or need to process many PDFs at once.